Every day, without their knowledge, millions of people are watched by the cameras on their laptops.

Protect the camera on your laptop now by downloading and installing Safetized. It’s simple, it’s safe, and it’s absolutely free.


“Safetized warned me that my webcam is hacked. Someone was remotely controlling my webcam and watching me without my knowledge.” Lind P. – Paris

Safetized is like antivirus for your webcam.

It protect you and your kids to not become the next victim of hackers, criminals, sexual predators, or even the NSA’s PRISM program.

How does it work?

Safetized notifies you whenever your laptop’s built-in camera or a plug-in webcam is in use, thus warning you that you are being watched. Safetized prevents hackers from remotely switching on your webcam and watching you in secret.


BBC News

Rachel Hyndman, a 20 year old student from Glasgow says she fell victim to webcam hackers who spied on her while she was in the bath. Rachel Hyndman says she was left “horrified” and “frightened.”

Wherever you are, we protect your privacy.

About Safetized

Safetized is a webcam security software developed by a top-rated and multiple times awarded team successfully involved in many R&D projects.

What is is Safetized?

Safetized is an antivirus for your webcam. It protects you from being secretly watched.

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